Grand Canyon Culture Shock

Juxtaposing the awe inspiring beauty of giant old rocks with David’s anxious inner environment, this video tells a little story about being stuck in one place while moving downstream. Introducing the long awaited, much anticipated, year-in-the-making film about that time we went to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then felt bad.



Welcome to California

Dear Friends,

Please take two minutes to watch this fun and funny video David made. It’s about our ongoing bicycle tour along the Pacific Coast. It has everything: beautiful scenery, happy people, my naked bum. It ranks among my favorite of David’s films, and not just because my butt’s in it.


Pacific Coast Highway

Rewind a few months to July 2015:

David and I were in Phoenix, Arizona and needed to get home to Portland, Oregon. We had just washed ashore from the depths of the Grand Canyon (video evidence coming soon). My cousin Benjamin, accompanied by his girlfriend, Devon, offered to drive us to Portland. It seemed the perfect excuse to take a roadtrip in his parents’ car (thanks for lending us your car, Sarah and John!). After making our way west to San Diego to visit with David’s sister and her family, we opted for the scenic route and hopped onto the Pacific Coast Highway northbound. This film captures some of our diversions along the way, including a rollercoaster ride, an up-close visit with a massive marine mammal, and the mighty redwoods. Enjoy!