Grand Canyon Culture Shock

Juxtaposing the awe inspiring beauty of giant old rocks with David’s anxious inner environment, this video tells a little story about being stuck in one place while moving downstream. Introducing the long awaited, much anticipated, year-in-the-making film about that time we went to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and then felt bad.



10 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Culture Shock

  1. I think it’s awesome. And touching: lot of work, great result, but (i feel) not basically to have a nice memory of an experience but more to explain a mood, althought time had passed and probably with no need because maybe other people was understanding that u could feel weird after so much time away or maybe because they just didn’t care. This is what artists do.
    Don’t stop 🙂

    • Fabrizio! Thank you for checking out the video and for your thoughtful response. Your comment has had the effect of me wanting to continue adding my experience to my films. I’m pleased you noticed the amount of work and I’m so glad it touched you in some way. Yay!!!

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