Welcome Home, Us!

Dear Friends and Family and Fodenvensel Followers,

You haven’t heard from us in a while. That’s because upon returning to the United States of America we immediately threw ourselves into a variety of travel adventures, then experienced a mild dose of reverse culture shock and hid from everyone. But now we are resurfacing and we want to see you. Yes, you!

If you are reading this, please consider yourself cordially invited to hang out with us. This invitation extends to all of our friends, whether local or abroad. (Gonzaga, if you need any assistance with your arrival from Spain, please don’t hesitate to let us know how we may be of service.)

  • What: A reunion!
  • Where: 2224 NE 11th Avenue Portland, Oregon USA (Austin’s mother’s home)
  • When: Saturday, August 22, 2015 from 2:00 PM
  • Why: We’ve missed you!
  • What else: Feel free to bring a beverage of your choice. The food is on us!Party Selfie USA B&W

Please join us if you can. We are so excited to reconnect with you!


14 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Us!

  1. Hey guys,
    Wish I could come and wish you were here.. I’m back at Los Gazquez for 2 weeks…. absolute bliss! Everyone here sends their love and we have been reminiscing about the special time we spent together!
    Enjoy reconnecting !
    Big hug Helen

  2. We understand your ‘reverse culture shock’. Glad you overcame it.
    What a pitty Iceland is still too far from US. 😉 Enjoy your time.

    Are you settling down for longer at home?

    wishes from Edvinas and Greta

    • Greta,

      Hi! Great to hear from you. It is a pity Iceland is so far from the US. Are you in Iceland? I’d be very curious to hear what you and Edvinas are up to. It’s looking like we’ll be in Portland for another 6 weeks and then mount our bikes and ride East through the states.

      Hope you two are great:)


  3. Hey you Young People! If I can find a suitable Train ticket , I’ll be there! Given you are serving a big chunk of whale!
    If you can not buy a Nice chunk of whale, I’ll postpone my visit until NeXT year, planning to go to the Family reunion and also visit With Bruce and Bev on Orcas Island!
    All Our best,
    Gunnar and gang

    • We’ll figure out how to get the whale steaks if you figure out how to get the train to Portland. We’ll even figure out how to get the whale steaks if you figure out how to get a blimp to Portland.
      Let me know when you’ll be in Orcas and I’ll try to get myself invited there too. I hope you’ll consider visiting Oregon before or after Orcas. Also if you can get Eivind, Erik & Ewelina+ over to the USA, Austin and I would be overjoyed.
      Great to hear from you! -D

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