Raj & Sinni and All the Magic

We were shuttled in a large caravan of cars bound for unknown excitement ahead. We exited the cars and waited in the dark. Musicians filled the street. Suddenly it began: drums pounded, cymbals crashed, trumpets shouted staccato pops. It was on. Musicians surrounded the procession. Giant speakers blasted music from the parade float they occupied. The night erupted and for the next hour we owned the street and the world. The night grew ever more interesting as we danced, ate, gawked, talked, made new friends, ate some more and observed hours of traditional ceremony. The night grew late and then the morning grew early. Hours and hours passed, we fought against sleep, Sinni & Raj got married. We hope you enjoy this (much shorter) video of the event.


3 thoughts on “Raj & Sinni and All the Magic

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