India (Part I)

Introducing another film from the David! Commencing with a jet landing in Delhi and following the first two weeks of our trip in India in September 2014, this little travelogue shares some of the first impressions, sounds and sights of our early moments in the desert, in the streets and with the locals of Rajasthan. We hope you enjoy it. Please leave us your thoughts below!


3 thoughts on “India (Part I)

  1. Kathleen, your comment on the movie post is greatly appreciated. Those were some very sweet camels in the Thar Desert. The one I rode was named Rocket and was being trained to participate in upcoming camel races. He was just a year or two old. I’m not sure if any beetles actually pooped in the video, but they were rolling poop all over the place. A camel would be sitting down in front of a pile of dung that it had recently excreted and there would be 10 or so beetles crawling all over the pile. Beetles would be rolling dung away in all directions. The camels didn’t seem to mind at all. I guess they weren’t going to do anything special with their poop.

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