Mysore Stands for Market

    Boards Dip 2We arrived in Mysore on a Sunday evening at just the right time. We could see from the backseat of our rickshaw that the Mysore Palace was illuminated with thousands of bright bulbs along its silhouette. We were told that the palace lights up every Sunday between 7 and 8 PM and we just happened to arrive in that brief window of time. We treated ourselves to the luxury of booking into a relatively upscale hotel, dropped our bags in the room and rushed out to get a better view of the palace lit up in all its glory. Although Mysore is a very small town, we somehow managed to miss the palace. By the time we found our way there, the lights had been turned off even though it was only 7:45 PM. We were a little bummed to miss the once-in-a-week opportunity, but here’s a picture from the internet.Lit up palaceWe found a favorite restaurant in Mysore, conveniently located in our hotel. We ate most every meal there because:
  • it was delicious
  • the food was cheap despite the surrounding fanciness
  • we were the only white people there
  • it was open all day long
Veg Piles Dip
While in Mysore we explored a nearby market. The rows and rows of vendors were organized by the wares they offered. There was the produce section where all of the okra and onions were arranged in tidy piles and towers, the flower district where men scooped great handfuls of teeny delicate petals into plastic bags for sale by the gram, the housewares aisle full of plastic buckets and kitchen items, the puja area with dried coconuts and incense for offering, the stainless steel dinnerware section with stacks of sparkly plates and vessels, and the knife sharpening station full of scissors and blades and flying sparks. Gonzaga and David appeared to be in heaven and took advantage of the numerous photo opportunities. With the lighting and all of the interesting things to find, that market easily became our favorite place in Mysore, and maybe our favorite market ever.Steel Wax Onion DipFlower DipFruit Portrait DipOn the day that Gonzaga purchased his ticket to fly from Spain to India, he’d received an email informing him that his short film A Ras, (in which, if you recall, we feature) had been accepted into a film festival in India. What a coincidence, thought he. Unfortunately, the festival would be taking place after his return to Spain and he wouldn’t be able to attend. However, while dining in our favorite Mysore restaurant one morning, Gonzaga received news that the film festival was actually taking place much earlier than he’d thought. It would be starting in only two days. We all agreed that there was no way the film’s director and half of the cast could be in India and not make an appearance at the festival. We dropped everything and made a new plan: get to the film festival in Kerala right away!Portraits Potato

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