We Made a Stop-motion Movie

We didn’t even know we knew how to make stop-motion movies. We showed up in Dal Lake and were given the fun assignment of creating a short film to introduce the new and improved website for our hosts at Tendrel Travel. We were given a strict budget of zero rupees (we were later reimbursed for the Tibetan dumplings – known as momos – and photocopies) and whatever was on hand at the office and were told to do our best to make a cheerful, sweet, educational film introducing a new logo, new company focus and the new website. We spent some time with the Tendrel team brainstorming different ideas for the film and then started shooting. Our generous French colleagues also lent us some hands-on assistance, and their arms star anonymously in the film. To test our stop-motion skills we made a short movie for our host’s father’s 60th birthday. We were told it was a real hit.

Normally such films would be shot in a studio under very controlled conditions, with precise lighting, white walls, no windows, no wind, comfortable temperatures and at the very least fresh pens and supplies. We had none of these things. We shot the film on the second floor of a partially constructed building that had no walls or roof while the sun’s gradient shifted across the sky from morning to late afternoon, creating ever-changing shadows on our work. The wind blew our materials around and our winter jackets restricted our movement.

All in all we are very happy with the final outcome. Possibly the best part of the whole thing is that we made this movie together and made a pretty good team. Let us know what you think and please feel welcome to place your order for a stop-motion film in the comments section. We are available for all your business and birthday needs.


12 thoughts on “We Made a Stop-motion Movie

  1. You guys rock!! Love it. Makes me want to travel….:)
    I couldn’t get into the website with the click on the door…will try again later.
    But easy to find website, of course.

  2. I loved it. So engaging, brightly warm, fun – and most important (maybe) – welcoming.
    Analytically, the experiential technology of putting the viewer into the frame… with the hands… and creating the images as one watches just as one might do was brilliant. And that simple human creative adventure – that does not require perfection – is a model for the very adventure one might have on a tour.

  3. You guys really need to go into business. A book! Films! Promotional pieces! Hire yourselves out and travel the world. Oh – you’re already doing that. Well, we think what you are doing for free now is worth money. You are both inventive, intrepid, imaginative and courageous. All of the qualities you need to succeed. Love to you both and a most Happy New Year! Sue and Doug

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