Raj, Hair Dresar

If after reading our last post you thought to yourself, “That was funny! But what’s this business about a facial vibrator and how exactly does threading work?” then this short movie is for you. Shot collectively by David, Austin and Simon (The Rajasthani Motor Gang) in the heat of the moment and the close confines of Raj’s barbershop, this video documents our strange visit with the man and legend: Raj, “The Hair Dresar.”

We hope you enjoy this audio/visual document. Music NOT by David Hanna

Up next: We left Jaisalmer to learn the ancient art of not scratching itches.


18 thoughts on “Raj, Hair Dresar

  1. Ha! Loved going on his strange journey w you! Yes, this spritzing, rubbing, pinching, slapping business seems quite invasive and hilarious (after the matter). Looks like you all had something stuck in your throat at the end he was trying to slap out of you. I bet you’ll enjoy your next boring, simple, safe, hair cut;). And, yes, still confused abt the threading business.

  2. As I told you, David: nothing makes a man look more manlike than a clean shave ! Great going – welcome in my footsteps ! Don’t let Your father read this!

    Gunnar & gang

  3. Wowza! Austin, how come when you cut my hair I didn’t get this sort of special treatment? Is it because I only paid you 1 chocolate bar? Well, I hope you took some great notes as I have 2 chocolate bars waiting for you this time when you cut my hair next 😊 Missing you both and looking forward to continuing your adventure with you. I will try to be better about commenting more often.

    • Sproutz,
      We love and have missed your comments! We really hope you will grace us with more of them. I remember your haircut well- it was one of the best and should go in the record books. We hope you are doing great and we miss you. We saw a picture of you about to eat carnitas with Anne, Allisone, Kate and Nils. We were very jealous and Austin definitely mentioned figuring out how to recreate that night except with Fodenvensel Studios present.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

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