Tiny Andalucía

Introducing Tiny Movements II: Tiny Andalucía, the long ruminated upon sequel to the original Tiny Movements. After conceptualizing the series for over a year, David’s fears of falling short of his vision have been allayed enough to bring you this short film. Created from footage collected during Spring 2013 and Summer 2014 from the area surrounding Los Gázquez this minimalist film features an original soundtrack by the David himself.

We are pleased to carry on with such gentle momentum. Continuing at this rate Tiny Movements V may be finished by David’s 50th birthday. We’d be moved (tinily) to hear what you think.


12 thoughts on “Tiny Andalucía

    • Allisone,
      I’m so happy you liked the movie and commented on the post. I’m always pleased to hear from you.
      Is the dancing bug you’re referring to that little ant moving his antenna?
      Hope you’re great,

    • Good… I think:)
      You make a short cameo in Tiny Norge, ready in 6 months. You’re sitting stoically in a chair at the lake cabin as a little beetle twirls its antenna in the foreground. Stay tuned.
      Always a sincere pleasure to hear from you and the gang!
      Super best,

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