Free*** Camel Safari

We had heard that we’d probably be invited to join a camel safari at some point while at Trotters. We had also heard that we’d probably only get a few minutes’ notice before the Jeeps would head out to the desert with or without us. Sure enough, that’s what happened. We quickly packed a small bag consisting of our scarves and warm jackets, some toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cameras. Everything else necessary for the adventure would be provided by Trotters.Diptic 10We joined a group of 10 guests and 7 guides and headed out toward Bigi Dunes in the Thar Desert. We each got our own camel to ride on, and Austin was excited to have the reigns to steer her camel around. David didn’t get to drive his own camel because his was a rebellious adolescent who had a naughty tendency to jump. Instead David and his camel were kept slightly distanced from the group and had their own safari guide to keep them grounded.Diptic 11We spent plenty of time in the saddle during our safari and most people in the group experienced some amount of discomfort as a result. (Straddling such giant animals requires stretching beforehand!) The highlight of the trip was getting to sleep on the dunes under the stars. After eating a delicious dinner that our guides cooked over the fire we bedded down for the night. Trotters provided mattresses, blankets and pillows and the cosmos provided the entertainment.Diptic 12Our beds were laid in a row and we slept in a line across the dune. Just before sleep a small scorpion befriended someone in their bed which resulted in a brief period of shrieking and scrambling for flashlights. A couple of sweet dune dogs who’d been trailing us all day (presumably awaiting our food scraps) also accompanied us for the night. In the morning Austin awoke cold and sandy, having been pushed off her mattress onto the sand by one of the little dogs who preferred the place next to David. Who can blame him?Diptic 13.1


7 thoughts on “Free*** Camel Safari

  1. Fun camel close-ups… those “horses designed by a committee” appear (to my ignorant western eye), to have more raucous personalities than horses. Hard to imagine the infinite vistas of sand in the day and the brilliance of a starry black sky, and the safari speck viewing it all.

    • They do appear raucous, but actually those camels are all yawning after a hard day’s work! Most of the camels seemed pretty mellow, except for David’s who needed supervision. We definitely felt like specks in the vastness of the Thar.

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