A Ras

As hinted at previously our time in India has been wild and absolutely full. We are excited to fill you in on our adventures of the last few weeks but need a little more time to digest it all. Words and images are currently being crafted for your blogging enjoyment.

In the meantime we have a wonderful wild card to drop into the blog to keep you interested and to let you know we have not been lost forever in the Thar Desert or kidnapped by wild monkeys.

We are excited to share with you a beautiful video our friend Gonzaga Gómez-Cortázar Romero recently made. And we’re in it! Gonzaga is an exceptionally skilled photographer and filmmaker living in Bilbao, Spain. We met him during our first stay at Los Gázquez and have been in love with him ever since.

Gonzaga filmed “A Ras” at the Vélez Blanco pool this past August while we spent a beautiful afternoon playing around and hanging out with our friends Sesi and Soli. In contrast with David’s pool party video filmed at the same location, Gonzaga’s experimental, emotion-driven video offers a completely different perspective of a similar afternoon.

You may remember Gonzaga from his earlier blog appearances during the Day of the Defender or our trip to Bilbao, and possibly from his amazing high-speed video where we all cooked up a storm together, Cocido. We are so excited to welcome Gonz to the Fodenvensel Studios India headquarters next month!


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