Keeping the Pets Alive

Our monthlong housesitting gig in southern Spain is drawing to a close. This time at Los Gázquez with few responsibilities and much solitude has felt wide open allowing for lots of time to do, or not do, anything. Aside from keeping the pets and newly planted olive trees alive we’ve been reading books, listening to music, enjoying movie marathons, getting into more regular meditation practices, preparing a little for our next adventure* and sunbathing. We also experimented with a modified fast/cleanse for ten days, witnessed a giant lightning strike which instigated a small forest fire in the dry hills surrounding the house, and treated ourselves to a celebratory lunch** of roast lamb.
It’s been a pretty idyllic time here and we feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity. We are excited to welcome the Beckmanns back home and enjoy a couple of weeks with them and our friend Gonzaga (whom we visited last year in Bilbao) before heading back to Morocco in late August for the third time.

*We’re planning to go to India next and are very excited for this possibility! While in Spain we’ve discovered how difficult it can be to apply for an Indian visa when away from one’s home country. Long story short, it’s easier to apply for our visas from Morocco rather than Spain (who’d have thought?) so we’ll be heading back once again to Morocco. When not at the Indian embassy in Rabat we’ll be hanging out with the good people at the British Language Academy.
Note: If you are reading this and have been to India, please contact us and tell us all about your trip! We are eager for suggestions, recommendations, connections and stories.

**We ate celebratory lamb. We drank wine while we drew a world map on the paper table cloth and we called it a ceremony. Why? Because we are nearing the end of a chapter that deserves to be celebrated. We’ve spent the last 18 months (can you believe it’s been so long?) traveling, working, drinking coffee, meeting people, petting street dogs and exploring foreign grocery stores in Europe and the Western world (we consider Turkey and Morocco to be pretty Western) although we never intended for our trip to focus so much on this part of the world. But our adventures sucked us in and one thing led to another and before we knew it 18 months had flown by. Now we’ve got our sights set on India and this feels like the beginning of a new phase of our trip. After so much zipping from one country to the next without much in the way of a transition, we decided this next zip deserves a moment of pause and acknowledgement. So we ate a lamb (and reminisced about Lamby), conjured a list of highlight experiences thus far and toasted to our lucky selves.


4 thoughts on “Keeping the Pets Alive

  1. Not many embrace the opportunity for a pre- or mid-life off the beaten path experience. Not only have you done it but also, and especially so, appreciated it. We love you for it. See you in Morocco and India, vicariously.

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