Mini-crises On the Sidewalk

20140630-104454.jpgSince our last update we had most of a week with Austin’s dad Ron and his partner Betsy in southern Spain and spent it eating delicious food, relaxing and touring. They stayed at Los Gázquez as B&B guests. We went for day trips and visited the local castle, a produce market, the lavadero (a public laundromat with washboards instead of washing machines), the beach and a little restaurant in the woods where we ate grilled lamb (miss you, Lamby) and patatas a los pobres. Every night after dinner David made a slideshow presentation of his photos documenting the day’s activities. We appreciated Ron’s confidence in practicing his Spanish and that he isn’t shy to ask strangers for directions or advice. Usually the two of us lack bravery in this department and can have mini-crises on the sidewalk as we both try to encourage the other to ask a stranger for help. It was great to have some family time.

20140630-104649.jpgAbove: With our Australian friends Nikki and Laura, whom also met and fell in love with Lamby.



20140630-110152.jpgAfter R&B left we traveled through Tarifa (maybe our favorite Spanish town) and Tangier to Berrechid where we are again volunteering at the British Language Academy. We have managed a good balance of exploration, relaxation and work (heavy on the relaxation) in our two weeks in Morocco, including lots of time with some new Moroccan friends. We joined them at the beach, some local cafés and juice bars and best yet, we all played a late night game of soccer where the two of us got to be on the same team and reminisce of our Universes tenure. (By the way, our team won.) This week we will make our way once again to Spain to housesit for our friends at Los Gázquez through August 10.


20140630-105854.jpgAbove: In Granada where we unexpectedly met up again with Nikki and Laura. Below: At the beach with our new friends.


A shout-out to Chase who kindly gifted us our newest toy, a GoPro camera which, as you can see, has opened up a new magical visual realm for the blog. Underwater beach movie coming soon to a travel blog near you.


2 thoughts on “Mini-crises On the Sidewalk

  1. Great going you two ! Lise, Eivind, Anett + me are leaving for the Mountains tomorrow – we’ll try the mountain Trout !!
    Otherwise it’s pretty much the same. Great hearing from you and Reading about all Your exciting adventures. Best of Luck – Lise + Gunnar

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