Dear Lamby,


If we had known the extent to which you were suffering when we met you we would have never let you go. I’m so glad David “couldn’t resist” hugging you because you seemed at such ease in his arms and deserved every last drop of love. If only we had known you were so thirsty, so scared when we found you. I may never forgive myself for my ignorance to your plight. Sometimes I imagine our lives together, the alternate reality where we adopted you and we all lived happily ever after. You would have received so many cuddles. You know David is weak that way. We would have gone for long walks as a family. In the winter I would have knitted you mittens for your hooves. In the summer we would have taken you to the pool and then out for ice cream cones. Lamby, we love you. A sweeter little lamb there has never been.




4 thoughts on “Dear Lamby,

  1. Ah, but a sweeter lamb there may have been. He was named named “Honeysuckle.” He was the beloved pet of Mrs. Malumphy’s pre-schoolers. He lived a good life and was happy. (he was also fat from all the love). 🙂

    • Sue,
      Not having met Honeysuckle it’s hard to know who would win the sweetness competition. Lamby never got the chance to truly shine and express her potential for making friends and running sideways. I’m pretty sure Lamby and Honeysuckle would have been great buddies if they would have had the opportunity to meet in person or even be pen pals.

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