Take Us to Merzouga

He’s done it again. Only this time it’s even better. Watch this beautiful video David made of his three-day trek into the Sahara. I think it’s his best one yet. And it features camels! Enjoy,



11 thoughts on “Take Us to Merzouga

    • Anne,

      Thank you so so much. I really appreciate the encouragement. It really came together without any effort- which is neat. I hope to get over this cold/flu thing and be back on my feet. Tomorrow morning I leave for a mini-vacation to Fes, so I plan to take it easy, but worry my symptoms will linger on.

    • Hi Sue! I agree, the music is so good.
      David and I (but really mostly David) just received a new (used) video camera. Chase found a fancy GoPro on the mountain while working and knew that we were in the market for one so he mailed it to me! I feel so lucky and also a little sad for whomever lost their toy. I just received it today and can’t wait to see what kinds of amazing things David will make with it.

      • Austin, I am wondering if your address is still the same as you sent me some months ago. will you please let me know. I have a package at home waiting for your address! xo- Rayna

        • Rayna, hello my friend! It’s interesting timing to hear from you now because I have a little piece of mail I’m about to ship off to you!
          My address has changed and I now receive mail at:

          Austin Allstadt
          c/o Gels
          Sonnenallee 71
          12045 Berlin

          I’ll only receive mail at this address until late May and it’s a good idea to allow 2-3 weeks for it to reach me. I’m so excited that you have a little package for me!
          Lots of love to you,

  1. David this is beautiful. I sure am enjoying your Morocco posts!
    Thanks for sharing so often.
    I hope you are well David.

    • Q,
      Miss you a lot. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the posts. I’m doing pretty well, but feeling a little disoriented and out of sorts after a long train ride between Fes and Berrechid. I was reading the whole time and as I got off it almost felt like I had no idea where or who I was. Whew! It’s all coming back to me with a little rest and some delicious coffee at my new favorite cafe.
      Hope to hear from you again,

  2. Anja,
    Thanks so much for sharing your kind words and encouragement. Feels great.
    We are planning a bike trip. It’s looking like either Africa or South America (Probably Chile). I’ve heard good bikes are easy to get cheaply here in Morocco, but I want to make sure they are not stolen. Send any helpful tips if you’ve got any.
    Hope you are well too! How is school and Australia? I’ve been meeting some wonderful Australians in the last few weeks:)

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