Waking Up in Berlin

The Berlin winter although unusually brief and mild this year (save for the two absolutely frigid weeks while Anne was visiting) took a toll on my optimism as well as my first impression of this city. Lacking sunlight and the essential vitamin D(avid), the challenges I faced during the dawn of 2014 wracked me. This manifested as a month of eating little else besides apples, olives and nuts; spontaneously bursting into tears while riding public transit and losing touch with my creative, spiritual self and sense of purpose. I was depressed and experienced a momentary existential crisis. But luckily my darkest hours lasted only about a month before things began to shift: I moved into a fantastic apartment which I share with a lovely woman from the Netherlands and her cat named Purno. My German language skills progress steadily, my network of friends continues to grow, two part-time jobs have landed in my lap and the sun has come out revealing the secret friendliness in strangers and baristas. It was as if someone flipped a switch and suddenly I found myself smiling more often, leaving trails of paper scraps (always a good indication of my wellbeing), feeling hopeful and truly enjoying this city for the first time since arriving last November.

In other news, I’ve encountered a bit of a postal snafu. Last Friday I received a notice from the post office indicating that I’d received a package and I needed to pick it up. When I went to the post office to collect my prize they were unable to locate it. It seems to have been misplaced! I am unable to track the package without a shipment number but I have no information about this package or who may have sent it to me. If you have recently mailed something to me in Berlin please contact me ASAP so we can locate our dear lost package! And for those of you who would like to send or receive some letter love/postal art (hopefully with greater success than this current wayfaring package) please join me at AnalogWordsmith for more details.


5 thoughts on “Waking Up in Berlin

  1. austin you must go to BAD Kissingen this is the town from were the family Ehrlich (granmother Trudy) comes, you can see the house where trudy was born.let me know before you go i can orginize for you a sightseeing with one of my friends Bad Kissingen i”m in very good connection with them.don’t forget your family in israel

    • Hello Joske!

      How fun to read your comment. I really love the idea of visiting Bad Kissengen as part of my continued exploration into our family’s history. Thank you for the suggestion and invitation! School keeps me busy, but if I make any travels to other parts of Germany I will absolutely contact you to discuss meeting your friend in Bad Kissengen. I know you have very strong connections to that town. I think you even hold the key to the city!
      I haven’t forgotten all of my good family in Israel and I still hope to come for another visit before too long.

      All the best to you and Rochik. Love,

  2. Austin, you write so well. It’s always a treat to read about your life abroad. The best news is about your roommate and cat…domestic perfection attained. Roommate and cat happiness could lift an army tank out of the mire! Good luck with the lost package, wish I could solve that one for you! Sue

    • Thank you, Sue! That is such a nice compliment!

      I feel so lucky to have found this home. And the weather has been absolutely beautiful which makes everything feel better. Except going to class! 🙂

      Lots of love,

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