Earthship – 3 Months in 4 Minutes

Introducing David’s most recent film: The Earthship – 3 Months in 4 Minutes. A documentary about our time volunteering on a building project in Turkey.



4 thoughts on “Earthship – 3 Months in 4 Minutes

  1. Austin, goggles only for the watermelon splitting? Too much. Glad the adventure continues. I remember Turkey as a beautiful country with very welcoming people– and some pretty unusual foods to try.
    I so enjoyed the fresh fruits, nuts, olives, glorious sunsets and distant calls to prayer.
    Stay well, best wishes.

    • Amy,

      The adventure continues indeed. I am so happy to know that you are following along with us. Germany feels quite different from the time I spent in Turkey, but my little neighborhood is full of many Turkish people, so it feels strangely familiar at times. The funny thing is I feel most comfortable practicing my German with the Turks.

      Thanks for the good wishes, Amy. It’s really lovely to hear from you! Love,

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