Dear Lycian Way

20131101-123645.jpgAfter our Mediterranean boat voyage it took us three days before we were able to comfortably hold down our meals and the earth stopped swaying. We made our way to a touristy part of southern Turkey to find a comfortable bed to lay low until we stopped feeling sick. After two days of hotel buffets and TV nature shows we were ready to start walking on the elusive Lycian Way.

We walked along a paved road for an hour until the road became a trail and we gained enough altitude to look down to the town where we had stayed. The sky was full of paragliders floating in circles above the city and we watched them land on the beach. The trail was beautiful and we spent the day impressed by the views of the sea, islands and bays. We spent the first night at a friendly place in a little cabin. The next day was even more impressive and the views improved. We ate lunch at a little spot where they grilled our food to order and we ate overlooking a small inlet where deep blue and turquoise waters crashed over the rocks. We swam in an amazing cove while the tide came in and started making plans for returning to Turkey with a fresh visa sometime later to walk the entirety of the Lycian Way, a five-week walk (anyone want to join us?). That night we slept in the small village of Kabak, nestled between mountains and overlooking a beach only accessible by foot. We hear the Lycian Way only gets more and more amazing the farther you walk and that barely seems possible.

20131101-132321.jpgLycia views.

20131101-132350.jpgHeavy handed photo filtering.

20131101-132435.jpgWe then returned to Izmir and continued to fill tires for a few more days. Our earthship days have come to an end. We left Izmir yesterday and spent the entire day on a bus back to the only city on this planet that spans two continents. We will hang out in Istanbul for the next week or so and then it is onward to Bulgaria! We will let you in on our plans in the next Fodenvensel episode.

20131101-132506.jpgCats and tombs.


18 thoughts on “Dear Lycian Way

  1. Austin, there’s something attached to your face and it has a beard, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! David, there’s something eating your beard and it has curly hair, it must be a jellyfish, ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I am sad to hear your days on the Earthship have come to an end; you were both so young and full of life, and gas, and face eating. Seriously, watch out for face eaters on the next planet you visit, I hear they’re rampant in the outer solar system.

    For realzzzz, though, they are RAMPANT!!!!

    Ok, for realzzzzz, I miss you both and love your photos, stories, eating each other’s faces (although, come on, some of us are trying to eat). I want to join you in Turkey, but alas it will not be happening on the physical plain, but I’ll call on the Mothership to drop me off on the spiritual realm. So much love to you both and keep on doing your thing, so long as it brings your royal cuteness back here.


    • Hey Sprouts!

      We are happy to hear from you. It has been too long! We were missing your colorful comments.
      Sorry to gross you out with the face eating. We promise not to post another photo like that until the next time we post a photo like that. Until then, continue to refer to previous posts of facial consumption.

      We miss you!
      A & D

  2. You are awesome. It looks like Turkey is also.
    It is such a delight to read these posts. There is so much life and joy in each one.
    When you are ready to walk the Lycian Way, let me know. Maybe a long walk after a good meal would be a grand idea!

    • Tomme, you are awesome.

      We will definitely keep you posted of our future Turkey plans and we would love for you to join us on the next walk!

      Glad you are enjoying the blog. We so enjoy your supportive words.

      Lots of love to you,
      Austin & David

    • Hi Joske & Rochik,

      We think it is so great that you are following our blog!
      We don’t have plans to go to Israel YET, but when we do you can bet we will visit you in Ein Gedi, the most beautiful place.
      Until then we wish you health and happiness,

      Austin & David

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