The Norwegian Fishermen’s League

We still reminisce about the relaxing time we spent with Gunnar and Lise in their cozy cabin in southern Norway. Is it strange that we still think fondly of the outhouse there? It was quite nice: Just a stone’s throw from the cabin, it boasted a lovely spacious design complete with a pine interior, bucket of peat moss to aid the composting process and rustic decor. The rustic decor included a handwoven rug near the door, hand-whittled coat hooks and a wall hung with a combination of historic and/or comical photographs from the local area. One photograph consistently stood out to each of us every time we contributed to the humanure pit. It was an aged portrait of a well-seasoned old salt, smoking a pipe and looking content.
20131018-200838.jpgAfter enjoying the lake and sauna with Gunnar and Lise we were hosted by their son Erik and daughter-in-law Ewelina. We loved hanging out with their family but something odd started to happen. We began to notice subtle changes taking place. Honestly it really seemed like we were beginning to resemble them. Maybe you’ve heard of the phenomenon where a dog and its human caretaker share some common physical characteristics. Or the strange way sometimes longterm couples morph and each partner begins to look more and more like the other. Well, apparently all it takes is a few weeks with a Norwegian family for the same thing to happen. Looking back on it now we think maybe we were just settling into the Norwegian way of life. Or that it was the result of all the fresh fish we had been eating. Upon reviewing some of the candid shots we took in Norway, we think something seems a little funny about them. What do you guys think?




Despite their shared tastes in vinyl rainwear and the way they unanimously welcomed us in to their home, this Norwegian family is comprised of some very unique characters. We love Ewelina’s emotional openness and generous heart. Her talents range from cooking to glass fusing to graceful mothering and she can typically be heard singing any of the thousands of songs that seem to be endlessly stuck in her head. We miss Erik’s dry sarcasm and steady presence. During the summer he can often be found barefoot and shirtless on the back deck absorbing as much sunlight as possible, pipe or beer in hand. When not basking lizard-like in the sun this devoted father has been known to hunt local game to feed his family and even don a sparkly powder blue cowboy hat and hobby horse while playing with his daughter, Ingrid. Six-year-old Ingrid loves jumping on the trampoline, changing her outfits frequently, painting her face like a cat, bacon-flavored cheese, Hello Kitty and anything that is pink. Her older sister, 12-year-old Elisa, is active, playful, artistically inclined, an avid horse rider, loves sushi, Justin Bieber and her longboard. The oldest of the sisters is 16-year-old Veronika, unfortunately not pictured here. Veronika’s keen sense of fashion and her desire for a cultured, metropolitan lifestyle are likely what has prevented her from adopting the wardrobe of a fisherman like the rest of us. A self-proclaimed Coca Cola addict, this fashionista enjoys singing and performing and dreams of world travel and a future career in the travel/tourism industry. It deserves note that Veronika generously relinquished her bedroom to us for the duration of our stay.

Our time in Turkey has dissolved any of our lingering saltiness, but we are already looking forward to our next visit to see all of our family in Norway.


6 thoughts on “The Norwegian Fishermen’s League

  1. That was really kind and awesome written of you guys! I’m really glad you stayed here, and I’m looking forward to your next stay here! I have a lot to tell you guys, specially about how school’s going and how my coca cola-addiction has changed, in a positive way of course. I hope I get to see you guys soon, so we could go on a roadtrip to Sweden again, and listen to the singer/rapper we enjoy a lot, Kanye West. Enjoy your stay in Turkey, see you sooner or later!

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