“What did Austin and David do today?”

…you may or may not be asking yourself.

Yesterday we built trusses for the roof of the earthship and hoisted them atop the tire walls. We spent last night up in the mountains near the work site at a neighbor’s place. But today was a bit different. We awoke and shared a nice breakfast with Erdem and his neighbor, Emin. Then we climbed on to the roofing beams of an outbuilding on Emin’s land and secured plywood to the beams until early afternoon. It was nice to get the views through the valley to the Aegean Sea and to feel the wind on our skin while balancing on the roof. Hammering nails into wood is also satisfying in a way that few other things are.

20130922-224254.jpgAbove: It was windy.

After hammering we took a break for a late lunch and went to a local bakery/restaurant that sells bread, olive oil, distilled oregano, figs, a salty yogurt drink called ayran and a savory stuffed pastry called gözleme. We shared gözleme with Erdem, Emin and another neighbor and his 15-year-old daughter. We then all hopped into Emin’s purple convertible, windshield-less, 1961 Jeep and drove to Erdem and Levent’s recently purchased land. The property is full of beautiful grapes, enormous fig trees, olive trees, walnut trees, pomegranate trees, tomatoes, eggplants, giant pines and an incredible view of the sea down a forested valley. The 6 of us explored the land and sat under a walnut tree eating the freshest walnuts we’ve ever had.

20130922-224345.jpgAbove: Riding in the purple Jeep, walnuts, a dog named Frodo dubbed “friend to all creatures”.


20130922-224520.jpgAbove: This scorpion dropped to a fiery death while we were grilling chicken.

We will write again soon to describe our last few weeks here, but wanted to break our writing fast and let you all know we miss you.

Also, we’re working on having Erdem adopt the baby dog, naming him Cotton Mather and we’re hoping to visit him tomorrow. In case you forgot, here’s what he looks like:


7 thoughts on ““What did Austin and David do today?”

  1. Such a sweet dog – he deserves a place in the sun. Austin – you’re so buff! Doug wants to be where you guys are. maybe he’ll retire one of these days and we visit! Ha!

    • Sue,
      Austin is looking really good. The work we are doing is starting to demonstrate itself on our bodies. Pounding tires with sledgehammers, moving rocks, lifting trusses above our heads, pushing wheelbarrows full of heavy stuff uphill… Some people pay good money to do this work in the gym. You and Doug should meet up with us somewhere! Please!

  2. Such a great adventure ! …and great work to realize by your direct experience that you can do whatever you set your minds and bodies to. Great pics – I never realized how nbeautiful a walnut can be. Love, Dad/Bruce

  3. Funny how seeing you guys in so many different places having umpteen new experiences gives me energy and belief you can do anything if you set your heart to it! Cute dog – can see why you fell in love… 🙂
    Forget painting almond trees….. I want to start painting walnuts!!
    Un abbraccio,

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