We Haven’t Even Given You a Name

Dear Babydog, the small and sweet creature I adore,

I fell in love with you the moment I first saw you. You stole my heart and nibbled on it playfully. We were happy together and the world was full of sunshine.

You have these big goldfish eyes that you haven’t grown into yet. You are playful and friendly and have a healthy pink mouth that is still full of your baby teeth. You are very skinny and small and I worry that the other dogs in the neighborhood bully you and don’t let you eat enough.

I’ll never forget the day I almost lost you:
I had been looking for you all morning, carrying some food around the village while I searched for you in possible hiding places. But you were away somewhere, perhaps being cautious because the other dogs were near. You appeared later in the afternoon, looking all lanky and cute and melting my heart. But the other dogs saw you and attacked you before I could do anything. My heart filled with terror when I saw them biting you viciously and tearing at your tiny body. Your cries and yelps were heartbreaking. In a panic I ran to you, ran at the three killer dogs (including the White Guardian, who no one likes anymore, just so you know), not knowing what would happen if they didn’t disperse in the presence of my alpha dog attempt (which looked to humans like a crazy person screaming and stomping). To my surprise they fled the scene and you lay on the ground, certainly in shock from the traumatic attack. Your leg was lacerated and punctured and your eyes looked fearful. We all sat with you in the road and made sure the other dogs stayed away. You bravely trusted David and he carried you to a safe place where you spent the rest of the afternoon with us.

I think about you every day. They tell me the veterinarian is caring for you and last I heard she said you were recovering well. I miss your goldfish eyes and the way you weave in between my legs when I walk. I miss your smooth yellow coat and the fact that you sleep in even later than I do in the mornings. I’ve been thinking about adopting you so that you can live a long, happy life surrounded by people who love you and only friendly dogs. I would provide you with a life where you know abundance and don’t have to hide away or fight for food. I would learn what your favorite snacks are, what games you like to play and we would be like teammates for ever and ever. True, I would have to give a lot up to be your teammate, because it may be more difficult to travel in your company. But it would be worth it because I would know that you are cared for and loved the way you deserve to be.

I don’t want you to be an anonymous city dog roaming the streets of Izmir. I want more for you. Let’s convince David that the best thing to do is to team up. I love you.

Forever your teammate,

20130906-004232.jpgGoldfish eyes. Moments after the attack. A final farewell. True love.


14 thoughts on “We Haven’t Even Given You a Name

    • Helen!
      Great to hear from you! So happy to have you commenting. We are missing him a lot. I hope we do see him very soon. Yesterday and today didn’t work out, but in the next day or to we hope to surprise him with some treats and hugs.

  1. I have noticed that people don’t always get the dog they want, but they usually get the dog they need. Even if you don’t end up together you have had a positive effect on his life. Savor that. Best of luck to both of you.

    • Thanks Fred!
      I think those are wise words. We have been assured he’s in a pretty good place and hope to visit him very soon. We do appreciate getting to have met him
      We also appreciate your posts and hearing from you.

  2. Oh my. I’ve been gone too long! What happened to the dog? Is he your familiar? Are you traveling together? I want to meet him when you bring him back with you:)

    • Hi Q, Thanks for checkin in!

      The babydog who became known as Cotton “Peep” Mather is sadly not traveling with us. A very nice veterinarian took him home to nurse him back to health after he was attacked. A couple of weeks later we were on our way to visit him (and maybe even convince our host to adopt him!) when we got news that he’d been adopted by some other humans. It was a bittersweet moment, as you can imagine. Last we heard he was living with those nice people on a farm somewhere in Turkey. I like to believe that he is really happy and has grown into a healthy adolescent. I still miss him!
      And what about you? Have any new animal friends taken up residence with you lately?
      I miss you!


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