What We Know About Turkey

Introducing a colorful view of everyday life in Turkey, another fun video from the David Hanna himself. Join us on our mini-adventure with our new friend/host Levent as we stroll through the market, dine in a bazaar, hitch a ride on some farm equipment, make friends with a cute dog and visit the barber. Enjoy, friends!


9 thoughts on “What We Know About Turkey

  1. Hi! I really enjoyed watching this latest video adventure. The dog was really cute and friendly. Were those fish being gutted sardines?? While watching I ate some yummy popcorn snack with bubbly mineral water. Thanks for making the day a little brighter, by being able to see your amazing faces. Will have to try and face time, eh?


    • So glad you liked the video! I think it’s fun, too. That dog was so cute! And great work identifying those sardines. We’ve been eating sardines somewhat frequently, usually over the campfire. Lets face time and brighten one another’s day! We can schedule a date. Love you, A.

    • Allisone, hi!!!
      (I’ll respond too)
      Thanks for commenting about my video and saying it’s nice to see our faces. We would love to FaceTime. We haven’t done it nearly enough with Portland friends. Those were sardines. We’ve had them fried multiple times and they are delicious.
      There are so many sweet sweet doggies running around Turkey. It’s a little sad, but it’s nice to say hello to them all.
      Miss you!

    • Hey Dad,
      Thanks for commenting! Did you try to watch the video again? It seems to be working as far as I can tell. I’m excited to keep making videos. It’s really fun to shoot them, edit, add music, speed ’em up, and then post them to the Internet. I’d like to get a more advanced editing program when I’m back and have a more powerful computer.
      Love you,

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