Tonight We’re Swimming to Our Favorite Island

Hello Friends!

I am pleased to introduce David’s newest in his series of short, minimal films, as well as his new honorary Norwegian nickname, Davingslåg Hannakårg. This movie is a funny little window into our lives while we were camping last week.


14 thoughts on “Tonight We’re Swimming to Our Favorite Island

  1. Looks like a Midnight Swim to us! Enjoy that clean water and refreshing summer breeze while you can. Now go sailing! All our best to all you Norwegians! Denny & Brigitte

    • Denny and Briggite- We like your comments. It wasn’t quite nighttime when we jumped in for our swim, but close enough. The sun was out for a minute and I convinced Austin to jump in and swim with me. The cloud went behind the clouds right as we swam up the the island and obscured us running around on the island and throwing rocks into the lake. Sailing sounds great. Maybe we’ll make it happen in the Aegean Sea…

  2. OMG!!! This is fabulous. David, you have a new career ahead. This little movie is a gem. You spoiled us with your frequent posts from Spain…too long between them now! Think about Lapland…Hils til Dig og Austin! Sue

    • Kate- Thanks for writing to us through here. So glad you liked the little video. I filmed a little walking through the streets of Istanbul yesterday. We’ll see if that’s interesting sped up. I checked out your doula website. It looks really nice, I’d hire you.

  3. Wow 🙂 Congratulations!!!
    So nice that you enjoyed the stay in the wild -norwegian- almost untouched -wood 🙂
    We miss you a lot, good people<3
    Good luck with the Turkish adventure!!!

  4. Loved the mini-movie. Sent the link to my friend Chuck Wolfe, UCSB Film prof. who wrote: “Thanks for forwarding David’s delightful video. It reminds me of short, time-lapse, “actuality” films from the early 1900s, when viewers could be counted on to take pleasure in the play between everyday, natural movement and cinematic time. The music works well, too.”

    • Thanks for passing along Chuck’s email comment about the movie. That’s very cool and encouraging to hear. I’m getting a lot of ideas about making little movies and its fun to make them. That one only took me an hour or so to put together.

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