Norwegians for a Week

We have arrived in Norway! No bribery of airport officials was necessary. We’ve been here for over a week staying near the Swedish border at Gunnar and Lise’s summer cabin. The cabin is lovely and just above a beautiful lake. The lake is a source of food, recreation and also serves as our morning shower and cold plunge for the sauna.

Gunnar and Lise have been exceptional hosts already and have welcomed us with open arms. We are excited to meet up with their sons and their families and we are eager to help out with various projects around the cabin. Norway is just what we needed and hoped for and we are eager to soak it all in. It feels so good to decompress after so much movement and to indulge in nourishing foods.

We have stayed quite busy in the last week. We have already gotten to help with tree removal, replacing a window in the cabin, sinking nets in the lake for a dinner of three bass and walking the dog. Gunnar has shown us some local maps so we can take bike rides into the wilderness and we all took a trip to Sweden to see an ancient burial plot from Viking times called the stone ship. We’ve rowed around in a wooden boat, gone swimming most days, viewed deer, cranes and two young moose, read multiple National Geographic magazines and cooked. We might get to do some house painting, too.

The southern Norwegian summer includes unpredictable weather and we’ve experienced lovely sun, puffy clouds and blue sky, distant approaching storms, thunder, days of solid rain and stomping around in rubber boots that squish with every step. The land here is beautiful and green.

Today we biked 20 kilometers to the closest town, Halden (where Gunnar and Lise grew up) to pick up some supplies and use the Internet to send our latest blog posts. The ride was beautiful with trees on either side of the road, crossing over lakes with islands and small boats out on the water, passing little water falls that splash over rocks and run along the road.

Some highlights of our time here include: catching, processing, cooking and eating fish, making meals for Gunnar and Lise, afternoon naps on the couch, being in the woods and sweating in the wood-fired sauna.

20130627-160140.jpgThe cold plunge/swimming dock. Views from the dock and the “afternoon beach.”

20130627-160248.jpgAustin learning how to gut mackerel. The wood boat.

20130627-160423.jpgGunnar and Lise at the stone ship burial site in Sweden.

20130627-160511.jpgDavid holding cole in front of a 150-year-old steam boat Gunnar helped save from a watery grave. Frying up bass from the lake. The cabin as seen from the woods.



12 thoughts on “Norwegians for a Week

  1. Cool! The cabin kinda sorta looks like our house and the rowboat is beautiful. I shudder to think of what it’s like in mid-winter though. Are you successfully adapting to perpetual daylight?

    • Fred, (David here)- it was days before I witnessed any darkness and even then it was only because I had to get up in the middle of the night. So far we are adapting quite well and sleeping soundly with only a light sheet over the window at night. We’ve been taking the row boat out some evenings and its been really nice. We too are curious what its like here in winter.

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Is this also the home of lutefisk? Are you going to make it? Will it be as yucky as it looks on the Internet?

    So glad you made it safely to your Nordic getaway! Love and miss you both!!

  3. We enjoyed your last blog from Spain, though it was the end too, for us, of a grand adventure. Now on to new ones! Yay!!! Lykke reisje till Dem! Love, Sue

    • Sue! All your encouragement and vocal enjoying of the blog was very much appreciated. Hope our experiences in the arctic continue to be enjoyable and translatable to interesting blog posts. Thank you.

  4. Good Move! Gunnar & Lise are the nicest hosts in Norway, and that lake is the fastest way to wake up in the morning! In addition to a quick shave, it’s also good for fishing and swimming later in the day. A great place. Enjoy! – Denny and Brigitte, now back in Frankfurt am Main

  5. Hey. Got your postcard the other day. Always a joy to hear from you. Your adventures appear life changing! Miss you and look forward to catching up when you next tour the Pacific Northwest. Love you. Patti D

    • Hi Patti! Thanks for posting a comment on the blog. I am happy to hear from you.
      You were in my dream two nights ago, and played the role of the person at the other end of the helpline I called because I was lost. Thank you for being an anchoring resource in my life!
      Love to you.

  6. Oh em gee. It is so beautiful there! Now that you’re done w all that walking I want to come visit and stay in the woods;)

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