Norway is for Indecisive Pilgrims

Two of the most indecisive people decided to make a decision. We decided it was time to decide what comes after the Camino. After all, we only have about 200 kilometers to go until we reach the end. Typically we require at least twice that distance for the decision-making process, but this walk must be bringing out the best in us.

In an attempt to avoid the sweatiness of Morocco and some of the other humid contenders for our summertime locale we have decided to head north to Norway for a couple of months to visit with Gunnar and Lise, family friends of David. Norway boasts long, sunny days, hot saunas and refreshing lakes. We look forward to relaxing there among good company and having the opportunity to do some cooking for the first time in too long. We also must admit that we are nearly fed up with Spanish food (though we still can’t get enough tortilla de patata!) and we are interested in exploring the food culture in Norway.

We also hope to be able to put into effect the RICES protocol for our bodies from the knees down. RICES of course stands for Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate, Sauna. We anticipate our time in Norway will be relaxing and pleasant with Gunnar, Lise, waterfalls, lakes, fjords, midnight sun, fresh fish, laying in grassy fields, some museums and some row boat rides.

We suppose it’s not truly a plan until we know the details of how and when we will actually arrive to Norway, which we have yet to sort out, but we still have to walk to the end of the earth first.

20130607-122443.jpgCamino kitten!


13 thoughts on “Norway is for Indecisive Pilgrims

  1. A wonderful idea. If you get there in 2 weeks it will be time for festive street parties. Continue enjoying and sharing with us.

  2. I usually receive notice of a new blog post via email in the evening, and look forward all night long to a quiet morning to sit and catch up. Thanks for taking your readers along on your adventure.

    Norway should be amazing in the summer! Some of my favorite people in coffee (and favorite coffees) come from there. Be sure to visit Tim Wendelboe’s eponomously named cafe (‎) and Solberg & Hansen (

    • Marcus,
      What a nice comment. Thanks so much for shooting us a line and sharing your thoughts. It’s so cool to know you’re along with us.
      Spain has good coffee at most bar/cafés, but I bet these places in Norway are exquisite. Can’t wait to go to both of them.
      Marcus- I’m curious to know more about how your work is going with CCC.
      Great to hear from you,

  3. Hi D & A,
    Keep on walking. And when you get to the end, get up to Norway. Gunnar & Lise are very nice folk and if you like fishing and the outdoors, that’s the place to be. Be aware that all of Scandinavia means $$$$. But you can find neat hostels around the Unis, etc. Plus their cabin is a great place to start from. Oslo is a small city, Bergen is more charming. Most fjords are along the coast. Enjoy it all. We’re off to China tomorrow, back home on June 26th. Hope to see you down in Germany after that. Our best, Denny & Brigitte

    • Denny and Brigitte,
      Great to hear from you. How is China? What are you up to there? Thanks for the Norway tips. We’d love to make a visit to Germany. We have to be out of the EU for 90 days after we leave Spain so we’ll have to figure out some creative or delayed way to make it to Germany.
      Talk soon,

  4. If you two get a bit farther south and find yourselves in DK, let me know, I’m loaded with contacts and btw, it’s expensive up there in Scandinavia so you might need them! There’s a great train ride (scenery!!!) from Oslo to Bergen, a handy one from Oslo down the coast of Sweden to Copenhagen and think seriously about the overnight ferry from Oslo to Copenhagen. (& the other direction too). David, thanks for your email. Nice to know comments are actually getting through! . Sue

    • Sue,
      Thanks for more tips and more encouragement. We hope to lay really low in Norway and mainly relax after our walk. A few train or ferry rides sound very cool though. A guy who we met on the Camino offered to host us in Copenhagen, but it’d be great to have even more connections if we make it down there.
      Talk soon,

    • Ali,
      We miss you too. Great to hear from you. Things are going great on the Camino. Two more days til Santiago. How are you doing? How is your new job and Northern Ireland. We met three nice ladies from Belfast yesterday.
      Hope to hear from you soon,

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