Today the Sky is Full of Rain

We are enjoying our daily dose of caffeine in the bar of Hotel Gaudi, where we stayed last night here in the small city of Astorga. Despite a few speed bumps (the weather has turned drizzly again, David has a cold, we are behind schedule to meet Thad on June 10 and Austin earned her very first blister) we are pressing on. Hey, this Camino isn’t going to walk itself! But thanks to many kind people we’ve met the last few days, including a pack of spirited high school graduates, our spirits are staying high and we find many opportunities to appreciate this walk.

This short video we happened upon may seem a little silly, but it features many places we’ve visited and even shows a man whom we walked past yesterday. It offers a glimpse of what it has been like to take this big walk. We hope you enjoy it!


3 thoughts on “Today the Sky is Full of Rain

    • It may have been “The Young Fresh Fellows and a guy named TAD, they’re all dudes, but so are we. Hey everybody take a look and see, anything’s possible don’t you know, I’m in love with rock ‘n’ roll.” -The Eclectics

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