Day 70 of Our Trip, Day 4 of Clean Laundry

We find ourselves here another day at Los Gázquez. In early March Simon asked us if we’d be willing to stay until mid-April to assist with the first of three groups of gastronomic visitors. That group was to be followed by a group of students from Goldsmiths College. All of a sudden that time is upon us, and the students left yesterday morning. We had not spoken to Simon or Donna about what happens after the students leave. We assumed we would get a bus ticket to Barcelona and then on to St. Jean Pied de Port to start our long walk west across northern Spain. A slight delay presented itself when Simon asked David to make a movie documenting the students’ activity for his website after enjoying Tiny Movements. Then we learned the next group of gastronomes are scheduled to arrive today and Donna said something about us all making cheese and pasteurizing milk over the weekend. We are happy to stay here a little longer than expected. David will possibly edit the footage he shot for Simon’s website and we will share another week of Spanish culture, cooking, foraging, cheese making, pork eating, dish washing, family style dining, and so on.

Yesterday we went into the forest to chainsaw more firewood. We mainly cut small logs to fit into the asador (the tiled barbecue) and the iron cooking range, because the gastronomes will be cooking over fire. We have also been seen climbing ladders to replace the window screens all around the house. Every day seems warmer and sunnier and buggier than the last. Summer is near!

Last night Donna cooked dorado for dinner. It was a test drive for a meal that will be served later this week. The best part of the meal is that it is baked inside a thick shell of coarse sea salt. When it was removed from the oven Austin got to crack open the salt igloo to reveal the perfectly moist fish.

We will be here for at least another week but knowing us and our propensity for slow progress (we prefer to refer to this as merely tiny movements), this week could potentially become longer. Stay tuned!

20130418-092520.jpg Choreographed dance party at dusk on the students’ last night.

20130418-092802.jpg Cherimoya on concrete countertop.

20130418-092924.jpg Cabbage on countertop.

20130418-093009.jpg Sauerkraut and sour carrots soon to be shared with our hosts.

20130418-093148.jpg Subjects of Tiny Movements II.


4 thoughts on “Day 70 of Our Trip, Day 4 of Clean Laundry

  1. beautiful, subtle images – also in your Tiny M.. I video – your hosts are loving your contributions to the life and culture of Los Gázquez (as well they might)… Love, Bruce

    • Thank you for leaving us a comment, Bruce! I agree that David is really capturing some beautiful images. I think our hosts are enjoying his unique contributions to the art scene here. You and I shall look forward to Tiny Movements II! How are things going in sunny SB? Please send Bev a hello from me!
      Hugs to you both from us both,


  2. Sounds like you are really experiencing neat and interesting things down there in Spain. The countryside looks like a good place to bike around, although our city bikes wouldn’t make it over those rocks. Spring just sprang here, flowers and tress blooming. And all the people, too. What’s next on your Adventures List? We got to tour Italy, Turkey and Greece as students in 1970-72, so we enjoy reading about all your doings. Enjoy! It sounds like you are. Our best, Denny & Brigitte

    • Denny, thanks for the comment. Sounds like Germany is beautiful at the moment. We are interested in checking out Turkey especially, but also Italy and Greece. Maybe we’ll ask for some suggestions of places to go and things to see. Austin and I will be heading to southern France in a week or so to begin the Camino de Santiago. Austin is really interested in visiting Frankfurt and spending some time in Germany (as that is where her grandparents are from). Hi to Will!

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