Ode to the Defender

Beloved Land Rover Defender Td5,

It has been quite a journey. We have been through so much together these past months: thick and thin mud, better and worse traction, wind, rain, snow, rocky outcroppings, steep terrain, heavy loads, sagging hitches, sideways sliding and four-wheel driving at its best. Together we have found our way when the path appeared obstructed, not clear or obscured. We found direction and the will to move forward when it seemed we could go no further. Indeed, we adventured, labored, hauled and traveled with you, our admiration of your abilities growing every day. Your strength, your unfailing competence and reliability gave us confidence in you. Always you were there when we needed to collect firewood to warm our hearths. Always you were available for trips into town, never flinching at the quantity of groceries we would burden you with or the mounds of trash we would ask you to transport to the dump for us. Truly your generosity is astounding.
Our remaining days together are dwindling rapidly and we will miss you. We will miss your idiosyncrasies: the way your rear passenger side door doesn’t latch properly, the way you collect candy wrappers and misplaced eyeglasses between your front seats, the way your ceiling upholstery sags slightly over the rear seats. We will miss your stylish utilitarianism: your roll-up canvas rear windshield, your quick-tie lashings, your back gate with its simple yet impressive latching system. But mostly we will miss your spirit and the way you have welcomed us as family into your existence. We will reminisce of the good days together: tromping through fields, yielding to herds of sheep, deflecting dogs that lunged at your knobby tires, coming home after an exhausting day in the forest, knocking the mud off your steps. And we will speak fondly of you to all, spreading word of your benevolence and goodwill.

With love and locked differentials,
Austin & David




11 thoughts on “Ode to the Defender

    • Christi, The Defender is going to be really sad, but we’ve promised that we’d stay in touch and likely come back to visit. It’s asked us to bring back chocolate, because that’s its favorite treat. -D

    • Gordon, as many drives through the forest and along dirt roads as we’ve done in the Defender, the truth is we’ve never taken control and captained it anywhere. We have been sitting on the left front seat on many trips though. That’s almost driving. -David

  1. Oh – what a wonderful ode. Who would have thought to write an “ode to a truck!” but Austin (Austin, did you write this or was it David?)

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