Tiny Movements: A Motion Picture About Simple Things

Hello Friends!

Today I am very excited to share with you a special treat: David has filmed and edited a cinematic short featuring a cast comprised entirely of local characters here en España. It is a minimalist film focusing on simplicity and stillness. David had a fun time experimenting with this medium and thinks this could be the beginning of a new series. You are invited to view Tiny Movements below. We hope you enjoy it!

As I write this, our second batch of goat cheese is in progress in the kitchen. Our first batch of queso fresco was a great success and we have plans to experiment with making mozzarella in the coming days. The fresh milk costs €1 per liter and we receive it in 5-liter jugs. This is a much lower price than we ever sourced in Portland!

The American gastronomy tourists have left Los Gázquez after what seemed to be a successful and fun week. David and I really enjoyed their company. On the off chance that anyone is curious about the focus of the gastronomy tour I am including a link to an overview of their itinerary.

Almost as soon as the gastronomes departed a new group arrived. This time it is a group of fifteen postgraduate art students from Goldsmiths College in London. David prepared a paella dinner to greet the students yesterday evening and received many compliments for a job deliciously done. Indeed, Simon was slightly disgruntled that David’s paella skills surpassed his own. It is a pivotal moment when the student transcends his mentor.

We are enjoying a much-anticipated day of rest, complete with sun bathing, book reading and leisurely lunching. It is difficult to believe that in only a week or so we will be leaving the relative comfort of our temporary home at Los Gázquez to embark on the next phase of our journey: el Camino de Santiago! After much debate we have decided to begin the walk sooner rather than later, and will be heading northward to the border of France to commence our journey. There are many details that we have yet to sort out, but please stay tuned as logistics become more clear!

We are both so happy to have the support of our loyal team of Fodenvensel Followers. Thank you for joining us!

20130411-191153.jpg Top right: Little Miss Muffet. Bottom right: almond confections. Bottom left: the final product.

20130411-192033.jpg Promo for this week’s artist group.


6 thoughts on “Tiny Movements: A Motion Picture About Simple Things

    • Sue! You are our most prolific commenter and we love you for it. I’m glad that it had a calming impact on you at a time when you needed a moment to have a moment. Your encouragement goes a long way with us and helps us keep writing posts! How is TIP and the move?

    • Mark, thank you for another comment. Great to hear from you. So cool that you watched and liked the movie. Does your reference about “casting” refer only to the friendly insects of Spain, or did you see the worm and bug castings?

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