Day 58 of Our Trip, Day 3 of Clean Laundry

The past week of strimming, raking, weeding, pitch forking, organizing, pushing dead cars to more appropriate resting places, cleaning and extra-long work days has been a path of persistence, focus on detail and non-stopness leading up to this moment:
The group of American guests on their gastronomical holiday (including tours of local butcher shops and jamón curing houses, a day of making artisan cheese and other hands-on education about the traditional foods of Andalusia) have arrived. Simon and Donna’s booking agent from London is also here for the week with the intention of becoming acquainted firsthand with the operation at Los Gázquez. The group arrived yesterday afternoon and we had all anticipated that they would be jet lagged, exhausted and generally subdued from their long day of flying. But oh, were we wrong about that.

The group includes a solo Brazilian woman, four lovely Jewish ladies from New York City (in fact, they are all familiar with Austin’s somewhat small, obscure hometown in New York, and it is a funny thing to be in Spain discussing the Hudson River Valley with strangers) and another from Los Angeles – the latter five longtime friends. Immediately they proved to be loud, boisterous, hilarious and likable in the way that only New York Jewish ladies can be. Our first dinner together last night was colorful and entertaining and they all seem very sweet. The cast at Los Gázquez agree that we are in for a fun week.

Our household has grown by one, and now includes Donna and Simon’s friend and business partner, Gonzaga (to pronounce his name correctly, say the “z” as if it was a “th”). Gonzaga is in his late twenties and lives in the northern city of Bilbao. He collaborates with our hosts on some of the art/ecology projects that take place here. Gonzaga will be helping out with many duties while the guests are here and will be acting as a translator during their trips into villages.

In other news, Donna generously gifted us a 5-liter jug of raw (meaning unpasteurized, non-homogenized, straight from the udder) local goat milk. She will be using this type of milk for her cheese-making course later in the week (though she will unfortunately be pasteurizing it to meet food safety requirements), but due to lack of refrigerator space she needed to unload this jug and we have happily accepted it. We will refrigerate it in the great outdoors and add it to our coffee in large quantities. We are considering making some yogurt with it, too. Yum!

20130405-192626.jpgClouds in my coffee.


8 thoughts on “Day 58 of Our Trip, Day 3 of Clean Laundry

  1. Hello Beautiful Peoples of Espana (sorry buy my keyboard doesn’t have the enyeah!). Goat milk and yogurt sounds delicious, especially when it’s straight from the udder. I tried pulling some off myself but my teat’s did not produce any deliciousness milk (goodness, I’m disgusting). So your time is coming to an end at the land and I’m curious to hear where your adventures will be taking you next? Also curious to know how your Spanish is coming along and if you’ve been getting good practice in living with English speakers? Anywho, much love friends! Que tenga buen viaje!

    • Sprouts,

      Thank you for your very inappropriate comment! We know we can count on you for that. It makes us so happy to receive your little notes, however disgusting they may be. We ended up making some queso fresco (muy, muy delicioso!) from the goat milk, and have plans for more cheese making in the near future.
      Our time here is winding down, and we are getting ready for a Big Walk. More details on that are coming soon!
      Sadly we have not been speaking enough Spanish here, as we have been surrounded by many Brits, but we are becoming friendly with Gonzaga and he seems amenable to assist us in learning. I am enjoying practicing with locals whenever we go into town (despite my shyness) and look forward to more learning opportunities ahead!
      In other news, I’ve heard that your dear Squirrel (“Ardilla”) has transitioned to another home. Wow!
      How is work going so far??


  2. You can always count on me to be vulgar, inappropriate, and down right nasty!!! I was however, feeling that I may have crossed the line on that one though. I love the movie, totally emo!!! I think the only thing that could have improved it was some scary Transylvania organ pipe music!!! And maybe some slo-mo shots of the pooping, those were really special.

    In other news, Squirrel has changed owners. Made a nice profit on it, and then turned around and put the profit into “Otter,” my brand new 1988 Toyota Corolla Wagon!!! Much more practical, was super cheap, and basically free 🙂 Also, the new jobby job is goin well. Super easy low stress work in a fun environment. This is the start of my 3rd week so its all still very fresh.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing where your adventures will be taking you next, and hopefully some more movies.

    Much love friends!

    Spriza Sprouty Sprout Sprouts

    • Sprouts, congratulations (again) on your newish job and your new Otter. I may try to make some music on Garage Band and overlay it on the little movie. Organ was planned on being a main feature. I’ve been collecting special shots of baby insects that emerging right and left here in Spain now that the weather is getting warmer. Tiny Movements II is close. We’ve enjoyed communicating with you through the blog and like your comment a tons. -D

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