Almeria at Magic Hour

This has been a windy, windy week. So windy that the power prop lost its nose cone to a gale one night. We found it today out in a wheat field. One night as David lay in bed trying to sleep, the wind was blowing so hard the door sounded as if someone was trying incessantly to get in by pushing and pulling the knob. Not to mention the power prop sounds like the last thing you hear before a propeller plane crashes on you. Similar to last week we have been acting as professional gardeners; strimming, weeding, raking, wheelbarrowing and pitch forking, except this week the wind has been blowing us around and around. Cut grass has been flying like confetti at a party.

On Saturday we got a ride into Vélez Blanco and spent a few hours walking around the streets. We walked up to the top of Vélez Blanco to the castle that overlooks the city. It’s quite a sight from the outside, but the inside is completely empty. In 1904 the ornately detailed interior of the castle was sold and an American man bought it, had it deconstructed, brought it to New York City and had the marble interior, called the Patio of Honor, reassembled into his town house. In 1945 after he died the castle interior was once again disassembled and reconstructed into the Metropolitan Museum of Art where it still resides today.

While in town we also happened upon the town fountain where the local people get their water to drink. That is also the source of the drinking water at Los Gázquez. There were three pipes coming out of a tiled wall supplying a nonstop flow of fresh clean water 24 hours a day. Local men sit on nearby park benches and say hola to everyone as they come by with large empty jugs to fill up for the week. People seem quite friendly but on our 16-kilometer walk home we were mindful not to wave at any cars, as in Spain that does not mean “hola”, but instead “stop, I need help”.

After gardening yesterday we went for a mountain bike ride part of the way around a peak in the Parque Natural de Sierra María-Los Vélez. The light was orangey and the shadows were long as the sun set. We rode back just as it was getting dark.

20130402-185933.jpgView of La Muela from the castle walls – it looked like we were on a 3D topographical map in a museum. And a giant door and key hole from just inside the castle.

20130402-190052.jpgA well we passed on our way back from the perimeter trail. David hot doggin’. All within the 55-acre natural park.

20130402-190401.jpgThe Natural Park.

20130402-190443.jpgMore shots at the magic hour.

20130402-190726.jpgStrimmer uniform, complete with splattered BluBlockers and handkerchief, mainly to prevent any further nasal sunburn. Or, a decent scarecrow costume.

20130402-204855.jpg Castle inside and out.


2 thoughts on “Almeria at Magic Hour

  1. We are avid, avid readers of your blog – love it! Love all the photos. The Arctic winds are blowing very cold air down the Hudson Valley, and have been doing so for days and days, no let-up for days and days more. Sick to death of not having spring when we should. We read with envy the lovely warm temps in Portland…71 deg. on Sunday! 32 here. We move Friday. Bye bye Newburgh, we really are sad to be leaving but life takes interesting turns that you just have to go with, right? Love to you both. Sue

    • Congratulations on the big move, Sue & Doug! Hope to hear more details about it all. Does this mean you may become seasonal residents in Portland??
      Wish we could “CUNTIP” (the best and worst vanity plate ever) this summer. Keep rolling with the interesting turns life brings you!
      Love you guys,
      A & D

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