It hasn’t been the most eventful week here in the mountains of Andalusia. We’ve both gotten some sun and have pink bellies. The English college students left on Monday. We have not made it back to the forest to chainsaw wood or back to the rock pile to build the dry stone wall. This week instead has been marked by preparing for our current guests and, of course, back to dishes. David has enjoyed making gin and tonics nightly for the guests and the recent gardening duties.

There is a loud and interesting group here this week and they seem to have higher expectations for their holiday. The people here change the vibe quite a bit.

20130322-182916.jpg Scrambling (a new name for hiking) through another barranco.

20130322-184537.jpg Looking west from our scramble destination.
20130322-185401.jpgA friendly praying mantis who walks like a leaf in the wind (video coming soon), our host Simon’s painting, a hungry but confused Venus fly trap.

20130322-231521.jpg Paintings and trees.


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