A Very Well Documented Hike

After the painters left Saturday morning we relaxed a little and then decided to leave Los Gázquez and walk down the flash flood corridor that is the barranco. We brought with us a bag that included one kiwi, water, chocolate, black tea frothy from our rhythmic walking over rocks, fresh dates, almond butter, digestives (tea biscuits), passports and extra clothing.

Our directions were to follow the barranco, take a right at the bridge we’d run into after a few miles, walk along the road until we saw the fire break on our right and come over the mountain through the fire break until we reached home.

The trees, white earth, red rocks, pine needles, tall grasses, blue sky and white puffy clouds made for quite a visual theme.

We thought we would share a few photos from our hike but for some reason while creating this post David has become attached to a lot of the shots and has included them all. In Austin’s opinion they look alright, but they’re pretty same-y.

20130313-194742.jpgProof of the white earth and pine needles. In the barranco.

20130313-195034.jpgTop left: The bridge where we took a right leaving the barranco.

20130313-195318.jpgRight side: the fire break where we began our ascent.

20130313-195353.jpgTop left: the flat topped mountain is called La Muela = The Molar (not in the shot is La Muela Chica). Below La Muela is Los Gázquez. Right middle: a tunnel web spider’s home – we’ve been advised, as tempting as it is, to not put our fingers into the spider’s house.

20130313-202558.jpgBottom left: descending toward home. Bottom right: google earth image with our path shown. If you look closely you can see our round-about descent pattern. We somehow missed the firebreak at the summit (clearly visible from space) and did a bit of bush whacking to get back to our destination. FYI: the summit seemed to be comprised of mostly sheep pellets.


5 thoughts on “A Very Well Documented Hike

  1. These pics. are just wonderful. Feels like I am there too! Walks like these are so the only way to have an intimate experience with the scenery, unlike speed-along car trips, but added bonus is they’re such a healthy way to spend a day. Good food too – almond paste, yum!

    • Yes! It was indeed a day well spent. The almond butter was courtesy of my super mother, who sent it in a care package. I haven’t been able to find nut butter (a must-have) in Spain yet! We love reading your comments and appreciate your enthusiasm for the details we include in our posts. Yay!

    • Sue,
      We accidentally deleted (and then reposted) the post that mentioned disc golf and so your comment with the question about disc golf got lost. We thought we’d send you some info though. Disc golf has the exact same rules as golf; the only real difference is you use a Frisbee and throw it into a basket instead of a ball into a hole. My older brother makes a point of distinguishing ball golf from disc golf:) The basket in disc golf is pretty large and is suspended off the ground by a pole and has chains hanging above the basket that slow down the disc and allows it to fall into the basket. I bet they have a few courses in New York State. They have 12 or so courses in the Portland area. Lets play next time you visit. Austin and I played disc golf on our first date. We also had beer floats and watched trains come and go from up in a tree. -David

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