International Domesticity

Hello from the current Fodenvensel Studios headquarters. Some cold, windy, rainy weather has kept us busy this week. We were informed last Friday evening that we would have a relaxing week consisting mainly of scouting and designing the disc golf course. Because of the foul weather the 7 artists here for a week to paint almond blossoms (which blossomed three weeks ago upon our initial arrival due to unseasonably warm weather) have been stuck indoors painting trees, mountains and rock formations out of the many windows at Los Gazquez. So we at Fodenvensel Studios instead of disc golfing while the guests are out on field adventures have been setting tables, sweeping floors, mopping, filling water jugs, sous chefing, pouring wine, making drinks and mainly washing dishes. To keep you all informed we’ve meant to take pictures of the piles and piles of plates, forks, bowls, glasses, mugs and trays, but we kept remembering after everything had been cleaned and then it was too late. Although washing dishes is not the most interesting topic to read about (David actually read a whole book about washing dishes once called Dishwasher: One Man’s Quest To Wash Dishes In All 50 States, which wasn’t bad), the sheer magnitude of dishes we have washed is really something. The British guests who are staying here are all very nice, but wow can they generate a seemingly unending supply of dirty dishes.

Because of the lack of interesting pictures of mountains of dirty dishes we have instead included some pictures of the energy systems and past projects scattered around the cortijada. And a few of us in case you want to remember what we look like.


20130308-165924.jpgPictures of past projects

20130308-170009.jpgThe energy system, including the boilers that we tend to most days from 9:30 am to 7 pm


20130308-170518.jpgWild boar skull in the studio

20130308-171039.jpgA sunny Friday and pictures from the dining room

20130308-175902.jpgWe didn’t start the fire. Actually we did.

20130308-180101.jpgIntroducing Tails, Gonzaga, Ember and Nippy. This photo is dedicated to nephew Rowan – Happy Birthday!


14 thoughts on “International Domesticity

  1. Hey, you two are awesome!! you two live and do and the rest of us shall live vicariously in awe of your doings. fantastic! keep up the good work. love!

  2. Disc Golf course design pointers: Try to have an equal # of holes for both left-handed and right-handed throwers. Try to have a variety of hole lengths (short, medium, long). Where possible, use the existing landscape (trees, shrubs, hills, big rocks, creeks, etc.) to present unique challenges for the golfers. If you do these things you will have achieved a good course! Good luck, and I hope you will get the opportunity to do it.

  3. Hi,I love your travel log and just want you to know I enjoy all about it. I never got to Spain ,I never got anywhere, Henry hated to sleep in other beds other than his own, so it was hard to move him. Yesterday I had a great day. I have a subscription to our little experimental theater and saw a very amusing play. A grandson rides his bike from Seattle to Manhatten and moves into his grandmothers apt and these two generations became quite fond of each other and had many funny moments. The bus took me in and out for a matinee performance. I also bought a ticket for the Joffrey ballet which was the same evening and I had not seen in almost 70years. It is the best ballet I have seen in a long time and loved it. So I may live in the sticks I manage to rub shoulders with culture. We are sugaring but I sort of retired from it and let the younger and newer residents work instead. The mud is just as slippery as snow and ice.I can buy our maple syrup in the gift shop. Otherwise my life is routine. I still love working at the Flynn theater and as long as I can do it I will continue. My life is not nearly as exciting as yours but you seam to love it. You were lucky to find that place and so were the owners. Lots of love to you both. Oma

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