Operation: Electrician

Neither of us have done construction or even much home improvement, but as the sole volunteers and the doers of tasks here at Los Gazquez we are wearing many hats. At the moment there are 7 guests staying here in addition to the 2 of us and the 4 members of our host family – the Beckmanns. We are suddenly acting a bit like waiters, hosts, cooks and housekeepers. A week and a half ago however, we were acting as electricians.

We were assigned the job to drill, clamp, tighten, screw, clip, strip (wires), climb, scamper, reach, wire, tape, connect and activate the lighting in the formal kitchen.

The kitchen had rather moody lighting before and is now ablaze in white brightness. We spent much of the week atop ladders that were atop counters holding in our hands heavy drills, pliers and wrenches. It was a little like orthodontics meets acrobatics.

Here’s a brief visual timelapse of our adventures as electrical trapeze professionals who work for room and board in and around rural Spanish natural parks.

20130303-145952.jpg“Fiddly work,” as Simon calls it

20130303-164238.jpgAction stages

20130303-164523.jpgPost electrical work

20130303-164711.jpgFull sized completed lighting installation


One thought on “Operation: Electrician

  1. Awesome! Show me a loose electric wire and my eye glaze over faster than a speeding bullet. Must have been a pretty tight learning curve! Kitchen is simply gorgeous. Love the photos, keep ’em coming! Sue

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