Snow Day

We woke up this morning to a quarter inch of powdered sugar over the top of the mountains and log piles. After breakfast we white washed door frames in the guest rooms as the snow began and continued to fall outside of the windows. After lunch we walked the perimeter of the cortijada becoming more and more snow blind with each step. At 3,000 feet the weather keeps us guessing.

20130228-162012.jpgImages of impending snow blindness

20130228-163603.jpgTop left pic = pre white wash door frame. 3 other photos = post white wash (this time lapse is likely only interesting for the most devoted Fodenvensel Studios follower)

20130228-164257.jpgOur host’s grandfather’s paintings of pre-civil war, rural Spain (circa early 1930s)

20130228-164641.jpg We’ve counted 5 wood stoves, a wood fired oven, 2 timber-fueled boilers (located in the aptly named boiler room) and of course the asador.


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Your host’s grandfather is quite an artist – he has a very appealing style! Keep the news and pictures coming, they’re all wonderful! Love to you both, Sue

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