Wednesday Lunchtime Update

We’ve been having a pretty good week since our last post on Saturday afternoon. We went to a little farmer’s market in a small nearby village called Maria. We felt shy but spoke Spanish to some friendly vendors. David ordered ‘dos cafe con leche’ (the local accent drops the ‘s’ at the end of words so ‘dos’ is pronounced simply as ‘do’) and bought a kilo of Marcona almonds. Austin bought 1/4 kilo of tasty olives for only one euro.

Monday we finished tiling the asador (see photos). Tuesday Austin repaired some water damage and painted while David filled nail holes in door jambs with wood putty and then sanded. Tomorrow we will white wash the doors. This morning we chainsawed firewood, stacked wood and prepared some closets for curtains.

It’s begun to snow and tomorrow is supposed to make for a completely white mountain landscape.

20130227-151202.jpgAnother almond tree (on the road near the sheep paddock)

20130227-151428.jpgThe nude asador

20130227-151524.jpgTime lapse 1

20130227-151725.jpgTime lapse 2

Asador success

20130227-151923.jpgLocal landscape

20130227-152020.jpgOlive and almond trees


One thought on “Wednesday Lunchtime Update

  1. Beautiful landscape… it and am eternally jealous. The asador also looks perfect. I hear it sends its thanks! 🙂

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