A Saturday Walk Toward The Barranco

We slept in this Saturday morning, made coffee, read and headed out for a little adventure on the land here at the Cortijada. Our plan: find some treasures, breathe some fresh air and get a little sun. We found wild boar tracks, snail shells, sea floor fossils and a variety of glass bottles (many of them broken).

Here are a few photos:

20130223-162934.jpg Facing northwest and headed towards the barranco

20130223-163102.jpgRows and rows of almond trees

20130223-163202.jpgSome small creature’s house

20130223-163306.jpgBottle of spirits

20130223-163439.jpgBottles and bones


20130223-163615.jpgBeetles in bottles

20130223-163842.jpgWe are here

20130223-164043.jpgOpen country


5 thoughts on “A Saturday Walk Toward The Barranco

  1. I love the bottle/beetle pics! and the animal’s nest – such good shots. Thanks for inserting the map – good to know what part of Spain you’re in, and see the terrain – maybe next Malaga (where Doug will be in mid-April for a week) and on to Gibraltar and Morocco…It’s as close to N. Africa as you can be! What a thought. Oh, also nice: Estorile and Cascais Portugal. Lotsa place to go! We love reading your blog so keep it up! Glad you are having a successful stay “at the Cortijada.” Love to you both, Sue

    • Christi, Appreciate the comments. There are so many almond trees here and they’re pretty (at the moment they’re blossoming- about a month early). There’s actually a story about them and how the landscapes here in Spain will be changing shortly with many less almond trees. I might post about it soon. -D&A

    • Hi Julie! I hope you two had a fun visit together. Springtime in Utah is a beautiful thing (as is the skiing).
      Thank you for following the blog! We are having a great adventure indeed and it feels like only the beginning. Let me know if you are ever headed this way 🙂

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