Day 16 Of Our Trip, Day 1 Of Clean Laundry

We’ve been having such a good time this week that we didn’t even realize it was Friday until our host asked if we had any weekend plans. We have even been working longer hours than we are expected to, simply because we so enjoy the work. We are in the middle of a few projects: wiring up some cables and lighting fixtures in the formal kitchen (separate from the family kitchen that we utilize most often), tiling the asador (which has made for plenty of colorful jokes) and staining a lovely indoor bench, all the while tending to the wood-fired boilers and completing odd jobs. This evening we were included in an encouraging art critique of a guest/painting class participant (her name is Helen and we both really enjoyed getting to know her). Last night we planned and prepared a dinner for seven (including one unexpected visitor). We made a cauliflower sage frittata, roasted parsnips & sweet potatoes in a lemon caper dressing, a green salad with freshly picked arugula and topped it all off with an orange zest rice pudding. It all turned out perfectly and we were only 20 minutes behind schedule. We did a great job cooking but doubted our ability to plate the food well enough for a semi-formal dinner table. David rummaged through our hosts’ old vinyl collection and played DJ for the evening on the buzzy stand-alone record player. We listened to Astor Piazzolla, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, John Coltrane, Bill Withers and some Neil Diamond, too. Our unexpected Spaniard guest, Alex, has been a friend of our hosts Simon and Donna for about 3 years. They all met for the first time when Alex got lost and arrived at the home which is 10 miles from town and accessible via mostly off-road, single lane 4-wheel drive roads. We enjoyed meeting Alex and he gave us his phone number and offered to save us if we ever have an emergency while we are in Spain.

Here are a few pictures we like from earlier in our trip.

20130223-150848.jpgBook pages in Madrid

The view from our front door

20130223-151157.jpgNotice our soccer ball at the bottom of the frame. We miss you, Universes!

20130223-151328.jpgA picture taken from the road between Los Gazquez and Velez Rubio

20130223-151458.jpg(A little further up the road) Austin saying hi to the neighborhood sheep. They are camera shy

20130223-151709.jpgDried clay head in the courtyard (I think this is part of an art project)

20130223-152032.jpgOlive trees near the Cortijada (the residence)

20130223-152254.jpgRaw materials for patatas a lo pobre we made for a side during an earlier meal

20130223-152508.jpgBook pages in Barcelona (just kidding, still Madrid)


2 thoughts on “Day 16 Of Our Trip, Day 1 Of Clean Laundry

  1. Thanks for creating this you two! It’s delightful following your adventures. I’m both envious and amazed. It takes a lot of courage to throw yourself into a new world like this. Hope you’re truly enjoying it.
    Mark Wald

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