A Day’s Work (With Otis Redding)

20130214-162450.jpgTo some this may look like merely a shallow trench. In fact, it is 5 hours of hard labor (with 100% Otis Redding soundtrack) which has earned us our room and board for today.

20130214-163252.jpgToday is sunny but two days ago it snowed!

20130214-163523.jpgA wild boar’s skull with a wasp’s nest inside!

20130214-163939.jpgThe living room of the guesthouse


4 thoughts on “A Day’s Work (With Otis Redding)

  1. Spain is doing you both justice! I can’t wait to see what happens with the trench. Also the boar skull: do you get to keep it, Austin?? I think it would make a fine planter.

    Robins and spring are arriving here in PDX! Thinking of you both!

    • We just get to visit the boar’s skull in the courtyard. We also found a lamb skull with wiggly teeth and a sheep skull connected to a 2 foot backbone complete with broken ribs. Also there are a bunch of sheep who wander around the hillsides wearing bells- stereophonic sound.

  2. OMG! I love that guest house living room! Aside from that, love the photo of the 2 of you, in fact all the photos are great! Keep ’em coming! …and Otis – you were not exactly sittin’ on the dock of the bay were you! (I wonder, does he have a song for “diggin’ in the trench of the retaining wall?”) Lots of love and happy digging to you both. Sue

    • Hi Sue! So glad you are following along!
      You would absolutely love it here. The style of the guesthouse is right up your alley. It actually reminds me of you quite often 🙂 Maybe you should consider booking a room at the guesthouse for a little getaway…

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